Gaza ceasefire holds on second day; talks under way in Saudi Arabia

A statement from the UN’s mediator, Staffan de Mi바카라stura, sai바카라d the parties were on the verge of reaching an agreement to stop the violence between Israel and Hamas.

Israel resumed air strikes on Gaza on Thursday, targeting tunnels used by the Palestinian militants to launch attacks into Israel and destroy its gas stations.

There was heavy shelling and damage in several areas of Gaza on Thursday, with the number of casualties counted at 23 in Gaza, four in Israel and 10 in the UN Relief and Works Agency.

A senior Israeli army official said a drone had launched strikes in southern Gaza on Thursday, the first in the region since the ceasefire began.

Israeli troops moved in to secure the area.

Israel’s main opposition politician, Meretz leader Zahava Galon, said it was time for the international community to show leadership and “restore security and stability in Gaza”.

A statement from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said a ceasefire was “the only real option” that had a chance of lasting and was vital to the delivery of aid and reconstruction projects to the 1.8 milli더킹카지노on people who remain displaced from the war.

He urged Israel to return to the negotiations it launched in the hope of ending violence in Gaza.

There have been three major rocket attacks into Israel on Wednesday. Israel has responded with air strikes that have killed three Palestinians in the West Bank.

There have been two mortar attacks into Israel since midday, including one targeting an army base in southern Israel. One person was killed in the attack.