Fire at purnululu forces evacuation of dozens: Senior officials of the department of fisheries are said to have ordered the evacuation of dozens of people who were stranded on their boat off an island in northern Kenya after the plane carrying a crew of 20 people crashed.

The island’s mayor said 10 people remained on the beach at the head of the island’s small Bay of Eden, but the fire was at smaller scales and authorities had not arrived. He said a plane had reportedly crashed on the island late Sunday evening.

Police say the crash was caused by an emergency fuel system, but have so far ruled it out. No one on board was hurt, said Laila Fakhry Omdig, a police spokeswoman.

Witnesses said the plane wa우리카지노s flying in a north-south flight when the fire erupted.

Several people reported seeing smoke pouring from the aircraft.

The Associated Press reports that residents on the island called a local fire station on Tuesday to report the incident, but authorities say they are unable to provide an더킹카지노y assistance.